DJ sound equipment

DJ equipment: Tips on how to choose it

Among electronic music fans, there are not only festival-goers who party all night long. There are also people with a real musical sensibility, who can also express themselves as the most emblematic DJs. Feel like jumping in and starting to mix? This guide isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but it will shed light on the main DJ equipment you could adopt.

Mixing desks

A robust model

The mixing desk, as its name indicates, is an instrument that allows you to mix several musical sources, which can come from a microphone, a piano, a guitar and of course a computer. This equipment gives the possibility to mix their sounds and to add various effects, in order to redirect everything to a single output. If your goal is to equip yourself with a DJ mixer worthy of the name, you must first consider its resistance, it would be unfortunate to invest in a system that is too fragile. Preferably, its knobs should be sufficiently spaced and firmly attached to the stand, and its dullness should not cause any suspicious noise or breath.

The possibilities offered by the console

A creative neophyte DJ necessarily needs to give free rein to his musical imagination, a slightly more experienced DJ will also want to have several strings to his bow, so it is preferable to go to a mixer that offers all the basic features (PFL, potentiometers, faders …). To determine the model that meets your expectations, we suggest you list the devices you would like to associate to it (instruments, voice, computer, etc.). Thus, the number and type of inputs will inevitably count in your final choice. If you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment, digital consoles will be preferred over analog mixers.

Music composition software

Difficulties choosing one software over another? If composing music makes you want to, you will be able to demonstrate your talent and record your songs with these softwares. The selection of a DJ software with sequencer is to be preferred.

Publishers distribute several types of digital tools, such as open source software, proprietary licensed software and hybrid DJ software, which are updated regularly and usually made available through a subscription. Proprietary licensed products quickly show their limitations as they lack many features and often cost more.

A tool for composing even on the go?

Be careful not to rush headlong towards a software recommended by a friend or an Internet user who immediately adopted it without necessarily having any elements of comparison. It is better to analyze a few criteria to determine the solution that suits you best. The first characteristic that is important to us is the software’s interface, which should not put you off, but accompany your first sensations!

The transition is ready to evoke another important criterion, namely, the handling. Beginners are rightly turning to open source sequencers and consumer software, while DJs with a bottle of wine can succumb to professional DJ software. And if you don’t plan to go away for a weekend or a vacation without being able to create new tracks, adopt a tool that is compatible with the operating system of your smartphone / tablet (iOS or Android).

The sound system speakers

There are a large number of speakers available for music lovers and DJs in particular. However, it is also obvious that not all of them are suitable for all uses. To devote yourself to this passion in your home, a pair of 5-inch monitor speakers is sufficient. One of their particularities is the neutrality of the sound reproduced, in addition to the sound quality, the importance of the opening angle and the connectivity options are other points to consider.

Two major manufacturers

If you plan to get your friends to dance and perform in different places over the next few months, you’ll need to buy your own system. Active speakers are the most practical way to add sound to a large space, because they can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet and come with an amplifier.

Among the aspects that distinguish models of this type are the power expressed in Watt as well as in RMS – of considerable importance for outdoor use – and the capacity of the battery. Yamaha with its DSR range and Pioneer are certainly two leading manufacturers in this field. Finally, take a look at the accessories you might need (wheeled trays for transport, protections, insulating supports…).

DJ headphones

Whether you’re new to the exciting world of mixing or want to improve your current equipment, you’re spoilt for choice as the headphones on offer are so prolific. But you still need to select the model that guarantees you a good sound experience! First of all, you can choose between open and closed DJ headphones. While the former offer quality sound, they are undeniably designed to let air in, but they are not known for their insulating properties. You’d better prefer closed headphones, which literally immerse you in your playlist and put you in the best possible position to mix.

Then, concerning the quality of the sound reproduced by the headphones, we advise you to choose a model that has the ability to really bring out the bass. To do this, leave aside headphones with transducers smaller than 40 mm. Also, make sure that the product you choose has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, so that all sounds can be heard!

Pay attention to the quality of the headphones, its ideally very flexible headband should be associated with very mobile earphones. Finally, you would be well advised to choose a DJ headphone whose cable stretches over 2 meters, giving you great freedom of movement.

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