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How do certain activities increase the benefits of music therapy

Music therapy is the use of music in a wellness setting. It is not a treatment in itself, nor even a technique classified as medicine, but a good way to increase one’s well-being. In fact, music therapy is often used for no particular reason other than wellness, which is why many choose to mix it with other wellness techniques, especially when investing in a spa.

The benefits of music therapy and the spa

In professional spas, music is very often used to encourage clients to relax. If you are investing in a personal spa that you install in your home, you will probably be tempted to look for a solution to listen to music at the same time as your spa sessions.

The most obvious solution is to connect a telephone or computer to speakers that you bring with you to the location where your spa is installed. However, due to humidity, your equipment will deteriorate quickly. The oxidation this causes is a major cause of electronics failure and is almost never covered under warranty.

What is the best spa to relax in?

If you are a music therapy enthusiast, then you will certainly want to invest in a spa with built-in speakers. Many swim spa models offer this possibility. The advantage is that you can then even listen to music while your ears are underwater since the waves are propagated there as well.

In fact, swim spas have the advantage of offering an option that allows you to swim against the current. So, in a pool much smaller than a swimming pool, you can swim and relax at will, while listening to the music that suits you best in these conditions. If you’ve already invested in a swim spa model without built-in speakers, you can also turn to waterproof Bluetooth speakers to solve the problem.

Other relaxation therapies

As we said, music therapy benefits from being mixed with other types of therapy. Light therapy, a therapy using light, is an excellent method to stimulate the immune defenses and to recalibrate the internal clock. It is often used in people with sleep problems.

Light therapy can also be easily integrated into your relaxing moments in your swim spa. There are special lights that you can simply plug into the room where you have installed your spa. However, be careful not to use the lamp at night, as you may have difficulty falling asleep afterwards.


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