The 3 most important music festivals in the United States

The 3 most important music festivals in the United States

As all music and music festival lovers know, a good music festival is also a good opportunity to travel and discover a new part of the world. The United States of America and its vast territory have thousands of quality festivals. However, if there are three that you absolutely must do in your life, here they are.

Lollapalooza, Chicago

The Lollapalooza festival was originally a traveling festival that crisscrossed the United States and Canada during the 1990s. Finally, it finally settled in Chicago in 2005. Since then, variations of this festival have been exported to France, Brazil, Germany and Argentina. However, nothing beats the original experience in Grant Park, in the heart of Chicago.

The Lollapalooza quickly became a reference in the American summer festival scene and over the years has become simply the largest festival in the world. It attracts headliners as big as a festival like Coachella, but it continues to cultivate its underground spirit by also offering more eclectic and less mainstream concerts. It’s a perfect compromise for a festival with friends who don’t necessarily have the same tastes, because there’s something for everyone.

Coachella, California

The Coachella Festival in California has become, in recent years, the most famous festival throughout the world. All young French people between the ages of 18 and 25 dream of going there one day or another. It must be said that the setting of the festival has something to make you dream with its Californian sun and its paradisiacal decor. At $500 for three days, the tickets are not free, but they are worth it. It is also, it must be said, the second largest festival in the world. The United States has a lot to offer in terms of big and beautiful festivals, such as the Burning Man, which is simply unique.

However, we must not lose sight of the extraordinary headliners that are there every year. The greatest artists from the USA, but also from all over the world, play there and attract more and more spectators. In addition to the entrance fee, you should also take into account the necessary steps, such as obtaining an ESTA for the right to travel to the United States and spend up to three months there.

Governors Ball, New York

This festival is less well known than the two previous ones, but it has nevertheless welcomed huge artists since its creation. Mac Miller and Jack White, for example, are among the most illustrious musicians New Yorkers have heard at this festival.

Moreover, the Governors Ball is especially popular for the place where it takes place. Randall’s island is a small, very green island just east of Manhattan. This festival is therefore the perfect opportunity to take the time before or after to discover New York in a few days or weeks. No wonder it is one of the most touristy festivals in the country.

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