What is Country Music

What is Country Music

The United States is known as a major world economic power and an excellent tourist destination. It is also a cultural nation that hosts many educational and musical events. The American culture is made of works of art, ancestral tools, but also music and rhythmic dances. One of the most popular styles of American music in the world is country music.

This musical style, both traditional and modern, evokes the history of the conquest of the West American coast. This article presents some information about country music and its American identity.

Discovering Country Music

Country music is a famous and historic American musical genre. It originated during the conquest of the American West by European pioneers. This American music preferred by white people in the south of the USA has undergone changes over the years. Originally folk music, it has been integrated by European and African cultures.

Musical instruments have also contributed to the loss and perpetuation of this pop music. The popularity of this music is largely due to certain renowned country composers and singers. These include Jerry Lee Lewis, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson, among others. The style of music known as country music was immigrated to the United States by European settlers, particularly British.

It was then explored with the development and industrialization of the American continent from the 18th to the 19th century. Having acquired a progressive notoriety and popularity, country music was exported over time. It later gave birth to an old-time musical rhythm called Western Music or Western country.

The Country-Western once used for travelling theaters in the USA was the music of workers and peasants. Still called “white blues”, country music also became in the 1900s a music for blacks. The Taylor’s Kentucky Boys will be in 1927 the first album of country music mixing white and black.

The lyrics of country music expressed sadness, melancholy, the separation of black American workers. However, the European and African affluence also integrated in this musical style pop-rock, gospel and jazz. In addition to music, there are also country dances which are diverse and varied. They also have a significant role in the history of American music.

The rise of country music

Country music is a popular musical style with a strong but evolving tradition that is open to outside staves. The development of this traditional music has been favored by the socio-economic context of the south of the USA and the mentality of the said region. This popular music born after the Civil War has undergone an almost total transformation year after year.

It is the result of the juxtaposition between the different peoples living in the South of the USA in the 18th century. The country song and country dance were born from the melting pot of the cultures of American immigrants and settlers. The instruments used at the time were mainly the violin, harmonica and country flutes.

The latter gave way to new modern instruments that were showcased at the country festival. These were the banjo, the mandolin, the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar. Country music being at the same time rhythmic, dragging, sentimental and moving is one of the most popular musical genres in the world.

She is regularly honored and showcased at Grammy Awards and music awards. One of the elements that led to the development of this musical style is the contribution of radio stations. The weekend was an important moment that brought black and white people together to listen to radio shows. Every new album of superstar and country band was played on the famous radio show Grand Ole Orpy.

Country music took off in the early 1900’s with ballroom orchestras. Country ball music developed largely through rockabilly and country rock bands. Later, the development of the record industry facilitated the spread of music throughout America.

Modern country music

The country music that was very successful in the 1920s was revealed to the world by several famous radio programs. An important documentation of 1700 ballads was made in 1976 by the English composer Cecil Sharp. This was an essential element that contributed to the expansion of country-folk music.

Begun as a shared melody, country music was influenced by many singers and bands. Modern compositions are essentially more rhythmic and expressive modifications of traditional ballads. New elements have been added to this musical genre, but the tradition of Celtic and Protestant songs still prevails.

Musicians like Jimmie Rogers and the band Carter Family are the pioneers of modern country music. They marked the 1920s and then gave way to other future stars such as Gene Autry and Hank Williams. There have been several currents and a constant evolution of country music over time.

The oldest current is called Old Time and the most modern is called Country and western. On the other hand, it was not until June 1922 that the first recorded single of country music was released. This important American musical genre also gave birth to many sub-styles of music. These include Cajun, Hillbilly Boogie, Honky Tonk, Western Swing and Blue Grass.

All of these musical genres were inspired by Old Time Music (the name of the very first country music style). The American singer Carrie Underwood is with the star Taylor Swift the current standard-bearers of country music. These two American superstars have won several trophies and awards from the very beginning, such as the American Idol and Music of the Year.

Country music for his American stay

To better discover country music and to immerse oneself in its history, one should go to the land of his birth: the USA. The capital of the state of Tennessee Nashville-Davidson is the center of the record and country music industry. It is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, an institution and monument of country music history.

This former record company is a museum telling the story of this musical style. Also in Nashville is the Ryman Auditorium, a former concert hall that became the home of country music. There is also a museum dedicated to the undisputed master of country music Johnny Cash.

The instruments used to record the great country music titles are on display in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame pays tribute to all American musicians and stars of different musical genres. In addition to Nashville, where the annual country music festival is held, other folk music cities are also worth a visit.

These are Memphis, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Houston, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans. However, in order to access the United States and its music cities, you would need a valid passport and a visa or ESTA authorization.

In short, country music is an American musical style that was born in the 18th century and has evolved year after year. It has undergone invasions and rhythmic changes over time and has a rather peculiar history. This worldwide popular musical genre will also have revealed great names (old and new) in American music.


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